Antoine Griezmann packed too fast during the SuperBowl!

Sport 6 February, 2017

To support the Atlanta Falcons, Antoine Griezmann quickly let his joy burst on Sunday during the 51st SuperBowl. Before leaving silence …
Do not be too good, too fast … This is what could be the moral of the 51st Super Bowl , the final of the national football championship, played in the night from Sunday to Monday in the US. While the Atlanta Falcons quickly led the debates, up to 25 points (28-3), the New England Patriots first snatched the extra time (28-28) Impose (34-28) on a final touchdown. Proof that nothing is preordained and that sport offers a multitude of examples of this kind of turnaround. What is the relationship with Antoine Griezmann? Bin the Frenchman, visibly fervent to support the Falcons, let loose his joy on his Twitter account during the meeting.
A first post-mode support too happy “Faaaaaaalcoooooons! #SuperBowlSunday” , Followed by a second where it is released “Iiiiiiiiihaaaaaa! Falcons to easy !!!!” (The Falcons, too easy!), This is how our national Grizou spoke well during the match! By cons, more news later .. . Not even a small message to congratulate the Patriots. As if he was still shocked by the scenario. It must be said that at the moment, the Frenchman does not walk on the water, as its penalty missed during the victory of Atlético Madrid this weekend against Leganés (2-0). Go to Antoine, you’ll get over it! See also: Antoine Griezmann really leave Atletico if … Did you follow the SuperBowl?