Apple, Samsung, LG … Which manufacturer has the highest fidelity rate?

Techno 19 May, 2017

Apple is the brand that has the most loyalty to its customers. According to a poll conducted by Morgan Stanley, 92% of iPhone users plan to opt for an iPhone when they next purchase.
It is no secret that Samsung is the market leader in smartphones in front of Apple and Huawei . But when one is interested in the loyalty promised by the users to the brands concerned, the classification is clearly upset. According to a poll conducted by Morgan Stanley last April, the Cupertino firm is emerging as the manufacturer that generates the most attachment … 92% of owners of iPhone questioned say they want to replace their device with a new iPhone , Which is just huge . It must be said that Apple does everything to preserve this loyalty.
At the same time last year, 86% of iPhone users intend to buy another iPhone afterwards … The fidelity has therefore increased, to the delight of the manufacturer to the apple. According to analyst Katy Huberty that Phonandroid relayed, this attachment is primarily related to the operating system used by Apple … When we are used to iOS, we do not want to switch to Android. Then, it is explained by the rumors surrounding the iPhone 8, which is described as promising . Behind Apple, we find Samsung with 77%, LG with 59% and Motorola with 56%. The American giant does not have to worry on that side … They are far behind. And you, are you faithful to a brand or not?