Apple unveils the trailer for Detour, the first film made with an iPhone!

Techno 29 June, 2017

Apple is promoting “Détour”, a short film by Michael Gondry that was realized entirely on the iPhone. Check out the trailer for this unreleased film!
Apple has called on Michael Gondry to make a short film entirely to the iPhone and with the help of the FiLMiC Pro app. While the headphone smartphone has just celebrated its 10th anniversary today, the Cupertino firm has just unveiled the teaser of this film called Detour. But what does Michael Gondry have to say about the excellent “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless” or the very funny “Be nice, rewind” ? Answers in the next few lines!
Commissioned by Apple, this short film lasts about ten minutes and the French filmmaker used only iPhones equipped with a special case . If you want to see Detour, know that it will be released this Friday June 30 at the Apple Store Marché Saint-Germain. Michael Gondry will also be present at the latest news. Of course, registration is mandatory by ICI , and places are very limited. But you can not attend this session, you will soon be able to watch it on the Apple site. In the meantime, you can discover the 10 years of the iPhone in 10 digits of egg.