Apple Watch: A new way to recharge your watch

Techno 20 February, 2017

Apple has just filed a patent for the least interesting. The latter allows you to recharge your Apple Watch watch in a whole new way.
Apple wants to see you with a watch connected to the wrist! It has been several years since the firm put to the bottom on its Apple Watch that teams more and more aficionados of new technologies. In the course of innovations, the manufacturer tries to democratize as much as possible its product and conquer the general public rather refractory to this little gadget. It is for this specific purpose that a new patent has just been filed offering a rather interesting function to the Apple Watch, which would have sales higher than those of Samsung Gear S2 and S3 . A function that one hopes to see landed with the next models even if it may not be retained.
This function would transform the Apple Watch’s digital crown into a “charger” that would just need to be turned to find the battery in the manner of old watches. This same crown could have an internal engine reloading the Apple Watch when a move is made (for technical explanation). Of course, it would be necessary to turn for several minutes this button to hope to find precious percentages which suggests that this project is none other than a fantasy of the firm that is hoped real soon . Because at the level of smartphones as connected watches, autonomy remains one of the weak points. And the Apple Watch, which features a new, Use , is no exception. What do you think ?