Apple Watch: faced with falling sales, Tim Cook plays the Coue method

Techno 6 December, 2016

watchWhile IDC has announced a fall of 71% in sales of the connected watch, Apple boss says, on the contrary, they are breaking records.

The Apple Watch is a real paradox connected. On one side, with one model, Apple manages to tutoyer legendary watch brands in terms of sales. On the other, its sales remain epiphenomenal compared to volumes produced by the iPhone. Moreover, according to latest figures released by research firm IDC, sales of Apple Watch, and connected watches in general, are in free fall. Date to date, they would be down 71% …

Place the simplicity
Indeed, in a market that increasingly favors simplicity, sports and fitness, basic connected bracelets now represent 85% of the market in the third quarter 2016, with growth in double digits, measurement institute IDC. In total, the market says “wearables” accounted for 23 million products delivered in the third quarter, an increase of 3.1%. “While it was expected that the connected watches lead the way, basic wearables reign supreme, says Jitesh Ubrani, senior analyst for IDC’s Mobile Device Trackers. Simplicity is a key factor. “” The tastes of users change, their needs also says Ramon Llamas, research manager of the team “wearables” IDC. It takes more intuitive user interfaces, transparent user experience, an independent connectivity and applications that go beyond health and fitness to proceed to the personal and professional productivity. ”

While Fitbit remains the market leader, the new Xiaomi Mi Band Chinese plays on its lower price than the competition. But it is mainly Garmin that seizes third place in the market, ahead of Apple, thanks to the breadth of its range and its distribution network, particularly in the sports shops. The launch of its Chronos Fenix ​​also enables this model proposed between 1000 and 1300 euros to ride in both range and above elegance.


According to IDC, Apple will therefore sold “only” 1.1 million connected watches in the third quarter 2016, a decrease of 71% of its sales volume, date to date, despite the release of the Apple Watch Series 2. sign more disturbing: only Apple saw sales decline, while those of other market players, including Samsung, are progressing. Apple, which is basically content to update some of the youthful indiscretions of its first model (sealing, quality screen, sensors, etc.), does he deceive more? No, defended Tim Cook, in a reply sent by email to Reuters, after the publication of these figures. According to him, more the supply, the actual sales of Apple Watch should break records during the first week of Christmas shopping. “Our data show that the Apple Watch is doing well and should be one of the most popular gifts of the moment. We head to the best quarter ever known by the Apple Watch, “insisted the boss of Apple, without providing any figures in response to a request from Reuters. So Coue method or truth? Response after the holidays …