Apple Watch: It can now save your life!

Techno 22 May, 2017

An app just landed on the App Store and it could save your life! Apple Watch wants you to avoid heart attack.
The Apple Watch is not just a gadget hanging on your wrists! The connected watch is already the best friend of athletes – especially with the Nike + edition that we love – but now hopes to save lives. Rather useful, is not it? An application has landed this week on the App Store, and it promises to detect cardiac arrest with 97% accuracy. It uses the heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch to study the movements of your heart throughout your day. With its artificial intelligence, Cardiogram will warn you in case of worries. She even received the go-ahead from the University of California. It’s all the more reason to install it right away on your Apple Watch: it’s completely free.
The Apple Watch should become more and more a health coach. In addition to the many applications that improve it, the apple brand will equip its toqueant with new sensors. He murmurs, for example, that he will calculate blood sugar in his next generation, and that Tim Cook would play the beta testers. It should be said that Apple Watch is the dream tool of doctors. Continuously present on the wrists of its users, the watch can carry out controls throughout the day. The company in Cupertino has understood this for several years by presenting, for example, ReasearchKit and CareKit. Uses that are bound to develop in the years to come. You valid?