Apple Watch: Noreve unveils leather bracelets for the connected watch!

Techno 28 March, 2017

Shortly after Apple unveiled new bracelets for its Apple Watch range, Noreve Saint-Tropez, the famous luxury brand of South of France, now launches a collection of leather bracelets for the connected watch.
The Apple Watch has a new beauty. Shortly after Apple launched new bracelets for its various connected watches , Noreve Saint-Tropez offers us to combine modernity and authenticity. The famous luxury brand of South of France has launched new high-end leather bracelets . Thought and handmade in a resolutely Tropezian style, these 100% made in France bracelets will add a touch of style to your look. Without further ado, discover these bracelets that combine luxury and authenticity.
To meet the many demands of their customers, Noreve has decided to start manufacturing leather bracelets for Apple Watch. As a leather specialist for more than 10 years , the artisans of Noreve Saint-Tropez have launched the def to manufacture these bracelets for Apple Watch 100% made in France , in natural leather with high-quality and rigorously selected vegetal tanning Among the most beautiful skins. If you want to shopper one of these bracelets, it is by HERE that it happens. Otherwise, you can discover how the Apple Watch Nike + motivated us to play sports.