Apple Watch Series 2: The Apple launches a new ad for its connected watch!

Techno 15 January, 2017

Apple has just unveiled a new ad for its Apple Watch 2 in which you are shown three ways to track your daily business.
It is certain that the first version of the Apple Watch did not have the expected success. Indeed, although the apple firm has made a triumphant entry into the top 3 of the world watch industry only with the Apple Watch, sales of it have tumbled 71.6% over one year. Anyway, Apple wants to catch up with the Apple Watch Series 2 which comes in several models, one in partnership with Nike, called Apple Watch Nike +, specially created for runners. For Christmas, the Apple Watch Series 2 had allowed two commercials that focused on surfing and biking. Today, the new Apple Watch Series 2 advertising helps you stay active with its activity tracker.

Always as concise with 15-second video formats, Apple goes straight to the point, but still with images or a graphic universe scoring. Here, three actresses move in slow motion on a uniform background, with a ring that fills up gradually. These rings are actually trackers activity of the Apple Watch Series 2 that give you an objective (or rings) to fulfill daily. Apple seems to be launching a major advertising campaign since before that of the new Watch, there were two ads highlighting AirPods iPhone 7 . The apple goes on the attack.