Apple Watch: The connected watch continues to dominate the market in 2017

Techno 27 June, 2017

According to the latest market share figures released, the Apple Watch hits the top of connected watches. Competition is undermined.
Despite the release of recent competitors such as the Huawei Watch 2, the Apple Watch Nike + and its squared apple sisters have little to worry about. CEO Tim Cook was right to welcome the good sales of the connected watch made in Cupertino. When the sales figures were released in March, Steve Jobs’ successor confirmed that the number of Apple Watch sales had almost doubled in one year. His statements gain even more weight after Strategy Analytics experts through The Indian Express issued a verdict on the market shares of the various smartwatches currently in circulation.
The Apple Watch is widely ahead of the first quarter of 2017 with 53% market share. It is ahead of Samsung which ranks second with its Gear S3 among others (12.8% market share). The South Korean firm also climbed the ranking as it was previously overtaken by the US company FitBit, now third with 12.2% market share. The Apple Watch, which has won new wristwatches since the WWDC, is a stylish and sporting company . The competition is far behind, and the Cupertino firm can see a bright future for its smartwatch.