Apple Watch: Third most popular connected watch

Techno 9 March, 2017

According to the latest figures, the Apple Watch would be the third most connected connected watch!
The connected watches are a sector on which the manufacturers try to impose themselves. It should be said that these are some success as demonstrated by the Huawei Watch 2 voted best connected object of MWC 2017 ! The IDC analyst office has unveiled its latest figures that point out that yes, Apple Watch is still one of the leaders of connected watches and ranks number 3 in the market. In front of him is the Chinese Xiaomi, firm that rises, while Fitbit takes the first place. These figures are obviously not based on the total sales of connected watches but only the last quarter of 2016.
In spite of its position of number 1, Fitbit still shows a drop of 22,7% while Xiaomi grew by 96,2%! Regardless of the fields, Chinese seems to impose itself more and more to the point of giving cold sweats to the leaders of the market. Of course, the apple has more than one trick in its bag and now targets sportsmen in its new advertisement for the Apple Watch . Not to mention that with its technicians and developers, Apple is constantly working on new features to accompany users (like the famous Pokemon Go application now available on all wrists). So come back in a quarter for the new numbers. What do you think of these figures?