Application of collective action against a center paintball

News 7 March, 2018
  • Antoine Lacroix

    Tuesday, 6 march 2018 23:33

    Tuesday, 6 march 2018 23:33

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    A request to exercise a collective action was filed Tuesday against a centre of a paintball from the Lanaudière region who is alleged to organize contests or misleading.

    “The sweepstakes offered by Bigfoot Paintball, it is a lure to get people to spend money in their establishment. We made them believe that they earn a free entry, but it is not the case “, argued the lawyer involved in the case, Philippe Larochelle. It represents Kathy Poulin, who considers that they have been taken advantage of in this case.

    The facts alleged by Ms. Poulin back to the summer of 2017. After winning a contest, it was announced that she won ” 12 free entries “.

    We asked him to book a date by requiring a deposit of $ 30 non-refundable per person. It is mentioned that the $ 30 will be credited on the spot to obtain items of paintball, such as balls, which were not included in the package won.

    The owner of the establishment from Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, François Gagnon, defends himself of all the allegations and regrets that he is ” obliged to defend against things completely false and misleading “.

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    François Gagnon
    Owner Bigfoot Paintball

    Rambo II

    The activity was held last November. According to the facts related in the application, it is only rendered on the spot, a hundred kilometers from Montreal, it would have offered people to buy the package called “Rambo II” at a cost of $ 119, ” to fully enjoy their day.”

    “The people were deterred […] to take packages least expensive” can it be read.


    “We will refute the allegations one by one. We have records of telephone conversations, or written evidence signed by the madam. She was never forced to buy the package. Invoices show that of the people in his group don’t even take it, ” says François Gagnon.

    Bigfoot Paintball has been declared guilty of having used a pretext to solicit a sale by the Office of consumer protection for acts committed in 2011 and 2012.

    Before going forward, the demand for collective action must be authorized by a judge. Mr. Larochelle invites clients who feel aggrieved to go and register on the website

    – With Michael Nguyen