Appointment of Dominique Savoie: rat race between Eric Cairo and Pierre Moreau

News 22 March, 2018
  • Marc-André Gagnon

    Thursday, march 22, 2018 11:07

    Thursday, march 22, 2018 11:10

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    The incisive questions of the mp caquiste Eric Cairo concerning the appointment of the controversial senior official Dominique Savoie, at the C. A. Hydro-Quebec have given rise to a rat race between Pierre Moreau, at the Salon blue.

    The appointment of Ms. Savoie on the board of directors of the corporation has been confirmed on Wednesday, during the weekly meeting of the Council of ministers.

    Recall that the government Couillard had sounded last month, the end of purgatory to the high official who, until it is denounced by the analyst Annie Trudel in 2016, was the rain and the beautiful time at the ministry of Transport.

    After having been shelved for the jobs above and then briefly assigned to the ministry of the executive Council, while retaining his salary to $ 210,000, Ms. Savoy became deputy minister of the ministry of Energy and natural Resources February 19, 2018.

    Although the role that it plays now seems to explain his appointment to the C. A. Hydro-Québec, it does not pass through the side of the second opposition.


    “Is the minister delegate to the Integrity of the public markets [Robert Poëti] can stand up and say to Quebec: “This appointment is a good appointment”?” asked in the room the member caquiste Eric Cairo.

    “This is indecent, it is to see The member for la Peltrie get up every time to discredit the quebec public service”, said the minister of Energy and natural Resources, Pierre Moreau.

    The liberal member for Châteauguay has once more associated the CAQ to the era of Duplessis.

    “Ms. Savoie is a person of integrity who has been cleared of all the charges that have been brought against it,” said Mr. Moreau.

    “It was sacred after the presidency,” said Isabelle Melançon, accusing Mr. Cairo have been a rite in the hubbub that came alive on both sides of the room, what the main party has denied.

    More details to come…