Archaeologists have found Britain a “pencil” cavemen

Techno 29 January, 2018

2018-01-29 18:34

Archaeologists have found Britain a “pencil” cavemen
Near the town of Carrboro in North Yorkshire archeological lucky to find a prehistoric set of tools for drawing on the skins, which were used by our ancestors 10,000 years ago.

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Researchers from York University in collaboration with Manchester and Chester universities found ochre stone, and pencil in lacustrine silt. The stone was badly scratched surface — probably thus received powder ochre coloring, reports Rus.Media.

The “pencil” has a size of 22 mm in length and 7 mm in width.

Clarifies that ochre was an important mineral pigment that was used by hunter-gatherers around the world. People have mined ochre and applied it differently in the Mesolithic (Middle stone age, 8000 to R. B. C. to 2700 8000 R. B. E. R. B. E. R. up to 2700 B. E..). Ochre painted on rocks and skins, including, for camouflage while hunting.

Set of tools found on the territory of the archaeological monument Simer-Carr. First on the territory of another monument — the Old-Carr — was discovered 30 hats from the skins of red deer, owned or shamans, or hunters.

According to historians and archaeologists, color was an important part of the lives of prehistoric humans in the Mesolithic.