Are we ready to cope with climate change?

News 1 February, 2018
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    Thursday, 1 February 2018 19:54

    Thursday, 1 February 2018 19:59

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    Are we ready to deal with the effects of climate change? Do we have what it takes to prevent the worst in case of extreme weather events? The show “J. E.” has collected several testimonies that show that we are far from being ready.

    When disasters natural occur, the treatment time to be compensated are long. Many folders do not succeed, the disaster victims speak of contradictory information on the part of officials who take care of them, the list is long.

    For example, the loss of Yvon Mathieu Rigaud, who, nine months after the floods of last spring, still does not know what to expect with her home.

    Public Safety has first confirmed that he was going to get the money for the repairs because the damage does not exceed 50% of the value of the house. He then received a call ordering him not to proceed because of a new negative evaluation. And now, he is told that his folder is in the study.

    As to Jean-Sébastien Fournier in Pointe-aux-Outardes near Baie-Comeau, he lives in a constant stress, while the erosion is eroding his land along the St. Lawrence river. It is said that the danger is not large enough to protect his property or compensate him for that he left.

    “We, here, I don’t know if it is public Safety, or the government of Quebec or Canada, but there are 12 ministries involved with bank erosion. They all have a share of responsibility for the anxiety that they make us live with every high tide,” said Jean-Sébastien Fournier to the show “J. E.”.

    According to the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), the consequences of climate change are no longer a threat of the future, insurers must now deal with it.

    The organization that represents canadian insurance companies note a constant increase of loss natural qualified catastrophic for twenty years in this country.

    For Ouranos, a corporation of Montreal who studies climate change, we are not prepared to cope with the worst weather.

    Its director-general, Alain Bourque, says he should worry about the “big one”, these thunderstorms, storms or extreme heat waves such as in the southern United States. “The question is no longer whether they will occur, but when,” he says. They are the ones who are evil.”

    The Sécurité civile du Québec has developed a series of tips published on its web site, allowing citizens to learn about the steps to take to préparare in the event of a disaster.