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Entertainment, Techno 19 July, 2017


Arielle Dombasle has just revealed exclusively to our fellow-members of the Parisian that it will participate this fall in the 8th season of Dancing with the stars.

The production of Dancing with the stars had already approached to its first edition in 2011, but the wife of Bernard-Henri Lévy had refused, probably already taken by its activities, but also because she wanted may not be teething. Seven seasons have passed since this proposal and DALS has become a safe haven for the first chain Europe ; 4, 7 million viewers have followed the ten appointments given by TF1 in the autumn and winter last.


What to do think differently than the actress aged now 59 years. The latter who has decided to make the big leap by agreeing to join the cast of the 8th season of the program. “It is a recreation full of lightness and at the same time a challenge to the athletic, and it’s fun for me. “, does it as well to explain to our colleagues of Paris.


An interview during which the actress who started her career in the films of Eric Rohmer has digressé, with its singular volubility, on the importance that has always covered the dance in her life : “I think I’ve got a bold nature and I said to myself that this would be a pure pleasure and a pure displacement of the self. It is a dream ! I wanted to be a ballerina when I was a child. These are the women that I most admired in the world. The idea of being a dancer and getting to such perfection in the space, it seemed to me something unattainable and wonderful. But especially as a child, this is what has opened me to music ; I remember that I discovered Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, a lot of music through dance.


And to discuss more concretely his future participation in the phare programme of the French channel TF1 : “This magical interlude of the dance, it’s like being invited to a grand ball and say ‘I’m there’. It’s mysterious, we don’t know what are the dances that you are assigned. Of course, I come from Latin America, I love the Merengue, Salsa, Paso Doble, but I do not know the dance, I love them. I’ve been a classical dancer and that’s all ! After all, I am of the generation that rock and I have not done ballroom dancing ; I love to watch but as we look at figure skating. I look forward with joy as something athletic and fun, we’ll see, maybe I’ll suffer a lot and cry every day, I don’t know…


The fact is that the ex-leader review of the Crazy Horse will make the heart to work in particular because it expects to benefit from its passages on the dance floor the most publicized of France to appeal more to Bernard-Henri Lévy, whom she is married since 1993 : “ He told me : if it’s fun, why not ? “, she said, before adding : “ Bernard-Henri has never watched the show I think… But precisely, it is necessary to always surprise the person we love. “Then Arielle Dombasle successor to M. Pokora, Shy’m, Emmanuel Moire, Alizée, Rayane Bensetti, Loïc Nottet and Laurent Maistret ? Response next December !

Arielle Dombasle, Bernard-Henri Lévy

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