Armed conflict Bethlehem stopped an elderly woman

News 17 December, 2017

Today’s clash opposition protesters and Israeli military stopped an elderly woman. She managed to prevent further development of the armed conflict in Bethlehem.


An unknown old woman with no fear in his eyes gathered in the center of the intensifying conflict and stood between the opposition and the Israeli military in the Gaza strip and the West Bank of the Jordan river. The armed conflict stopped immediately and both konfrontasi the parties separated. No one knows the name of this, of course, a brave woman, she refused to give interviews and to comment on his action.

In the armed conflicts that erupted because of the decision of Donald trump on the recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, which continued for a week, 5 people were killed and nearly a thousand were injured and were hospitalized. Not a day passes that the opposition and the Protestants are not exposed to the armed conflict with military forces of Israel.