Artificial intelligence has won the best chess player

Techno 9 December, 2017

2017-12-09 15:03

Artificial intelligence has won the best chess player
Before the tournament only knew how to play. And nothing more.

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His name is AlphaZero it for four hours won the world’s best program to play chess, reports Rus.Media. At the beginning of the tournament only knew how to play. And nothing more.

Now AlphaZero — the best chess player on the planet Earth. In a tournament against Stockfish 8, best programs for chess, the system, developed by Deepmind, has not lost not a single game with 100 held parties.

AlphaZero is a modified version AlphaGo Zero, artificial intelligence, recently won 100 times in a row, the famous AlphaGo, the same one that won the best human players.

The system works almost identical with AlphaGo Zero, but instead, the machine is programmed to play chess and Shogi, another Japanese strategy game. Their skills AlphaZero acquired without assistance, in contrast to all previous chess programs had no empirical data, no database with archives of already played games of chess, no knowledge of chess strategies and figures. He just knew how to play, and the goal of the game. As stated in a recently published article dedicated to this tournament.

You might think that AlphaZero has learned how to play chess for four hours, but that’s not entirely accurate. Rather AlphaZero learned how to become the ultimate champion in chess in four hours. When the tournament began, II knew how to play. Starting with a clean slate and armed with the learning algorithm, reinforcement, neural network, and the pieces on the Board in front of him, AlphaZero started to play with himself, again and again, perfecting your skills with each party, and speaking of human concepts of time spent playing chess for about 1400 years for these four hours. The system can handle 800,000 positions per second, whereas Stockfish 8 can spend 70 million moves per second.

He then in the same way in eight hours managed to surpass AlphaGo go, and two hours — Elmo program, which was previously considered the undisputed champion of the game Shogi.