As the signs of the zodiac and a Declaration of love

Techno 12 February, 2018

2018-02-12 20:34

As the signs of the zodiac and a Declaration of love
Valentine’s Day is soon! So today, our magic bullet has told us the truth about how the zodiac signs a Declaration of love

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“Do you even read letters? I told you a week ago, I wrote that for tomorrow the movers caused. Going to pack — throw out the litter tray, I bought a new one. What do you mean, where are you moving to? To me, of course!”reports Rus.Media.


«Sleep? I know that three hours of the night. I’m here in the local office, sitting in a cage. I wanted to tell you that some vampires called the police, but in fact it was not the noise, and Serenade. There are flowers in the garbage outside. Go get»


“Do you love me? Definitely love? But do not cheat? Really? And you’d always be there? Always, always? But if one day… Well, “sucks”, I knew it!»


“I’m yelling at you for? I’m never screaming. In the sense of “now”? I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, was wrong.”


“And have you eaten? Pill not forget to drink? You get cold feet, give socks will bring. Exactly ate? And pooped?»


“No, I don’t like it. I like you. Otherwise, what am I, doing here?»


“Well, I one well, in General, but if you really want… Stand! Where one night went, I’m with you! And the hat put on!»


“What do you think? What do you mean, why do you ask? I wonder.”


«Your mom? Of course, let him come. I’m glad. Very pleased.”


«Well. If you just can’t live without it, then you say I love you. Happy?!»


“Whoa-whoa, easy, I don’t need you through me doing all sorts of dangerous nonsense!»


“Well, you do it… Togo… as it is there. Marry me, in short”.