Assassinations are similar

News 2 August, 2017
  • Photo Camille Garnier
    The artist’s forensic medicine of the Ontario provincial Police, Duncan Way.

    Camille Garnier

    Wednesday, August 2, 2017 06:30

    Wednesday, August 2, 2017 06:30

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    The Ontario provincial Police attempted to relaunch its investigation into the murder of an unknown clerk in 1975 in circumstances that are strangely reminiscent of the assassination – never understood it – of a young woman in Laval recently.

    On may 3, 1975, the body of one victim was discovered floating under the overpass of highway 417, near the village of Casselman, Ontario, not far from the Quebec border.

    The victim has never been identified and has since been dubbed as the ” lady of the river Nation “.

    A cable, which would have been used to strangle her, was wrapped around his neck. The murderer had also tied their wrists and ankles with ties, of which the grounds of the canadian flag.

    This murder has disturbing similarities with another case not yet resolved, dating from the same era : the murder of Lisa Choquette. This Montreal 30-year-old had been found in Laval on April 22, 1975, ten days before that of the ” lady of the river Nation “.

    File Photo, Jacques Bourdon

    The murder of this woman, never identified, in 1975, has several points in common with that of Lise Choquette, whose corpse had been found a few days earlier at a construction site in Laval.



    “It is true that there are many similarities striking, and that the two murders were committed in the same period, says the constable of the Ontario provincial Police, and Guy Prevost. The investigators will investigate surely the possibility of a link between these two cases. “

    As one of Casselman, the body of Lisa Choquette had been found near a viaduct. It was this time of the viaduct Vimont, who was then in construction in the framework of the development of highway 440.

    After the autopsy, Lisa Choquette would have been strangled, too. Finally, she had been found naked with a tie tightened around his neck.

    The distance between Laval Casselman is only about 150 kilometers.


    In the meantime to be able to establish or not establish a link between the two cases, the priority of investigators in ontario remains to find out who was the ” lady of the river Nation “.

    To achieve this, Duncan Way, an artist of forensic medicine, has recreated the woman’s face in three dimensions.

    “I built this recreation in clay around the skull which had been preserved in helping me police reports, and photos of the time,” he says. I added a wig that matches her hair color and a makeup similar to the one she wore that day for more realism. “

    It is rare for the police in vienna to use this type of tools.

    “The last case that I remember dates back to more than 10 years,” confirms Duncan Way.

    The Ontario provincial Police published Tuesday on its website an appeal for witnesses with photos of this bust of clay. She invites anyone with clues to call the line dedicated to this case, the 613 591-2296.

    “It remains necessarily a person who has known this woman, and if we were, maybe we could solve this case,” said Duncan Way.