Assault on an ice rink: the fate of Philippe Mailhot in the hands of the judge

News 22 January, 2018
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    In march 2015, Philippe Mailhot, and a teammate have taken violently to Louis-Étienne Leblanc during the warm-up period.

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    JOLIETTE | The fate of Philippe Mailhot, this former hockey player of Blizzard de Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, accused of assaulting the defender Louis-Étienne Leblanc, is now in the hands of the judge.

    In march 2015, the hockey player and a teammate violently attacked Mr. Leblanc during the warm-up period. The defender of the BigFoot of Saint-Léonard-d’aston has suffered a concussion and a double fracture of the jaw during the attack.

    “I am ashamed. It has exceeded the terminals”, declared Monday the hockey player during performances on award to the courthouse in Joliette.

    The victim gave a witness emotional in which he stated that he has many physical consequences due to aggression.

    Due to the move “sneaky” put forward by the accused, the prosecution has demanded a sentence of imprisonment of 90 days, with 150 hours of community service, explained the prosecutor of the Crown, Me Mathieu.

    For its part, the defense is claiming a conditional discharge.

    Team-mate Mailhot, Kevin Talbot, had obtained a conditional discharge in 2016. He had, however, had to pay a donation of $ 2000 to the assistance Centre for victims of crime and submit to a probation of 2 years.

    The judge will make his decision on 22 February.

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