Astronomers have photographed the “death” star

Techno 28 March, 2018

2018-03-28 09:29

Astronomers have photographed the “death” star
A mysterious series of bright flashes, lasting only a few days, baffled astronomers for decades. And that’s using the space telescope Kepler has managed to discover their secret.

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Scientists believe that this brand new way of transforming a dying star in a supernova.

Unlike other telescopes, glancing at the sky every few days, the cosmic eyes of Kepler looking for exoplanets, and take photos every 30 minutes. This allowed the FELT to examine in detail the birth and death of stars in the sleeve of a spiral galaxy, remote from Earth at 1.3 billion light years.

Previously, astronomers assumed that the FELT is post — glow of gamma rays after a powerful nuclear explosion, or a failed supernova in a binary system.

Now it is clear that a series of bright flashes caused by “predsmertnoe torment” star, who dropped a shell for a year before going Nova. Gas cocoon caught the explosive energy of the star into a trap and turned it into an extremely bright light.

“We put together a phenomenal light curve. We have discovered a new way that can not die, and diffuse matter in space a massive star,” commented Armin Rescued from a research Institute in Baltimore.