Asylum-seekers and baths in NURSING homes: association “unfortunate”, accuses Couillard

News 26 August, 2017
  • Photo Simon Clark

    Pascal Dugas Drone

    Friday, 25 August, 2017 17:15

    Friday, 25 August, 2017 17:15

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    QUEBEC – premier Philippe Couillard accuses Jean-François Lisée to have been associated the last resort assistance offered to asylum-seekers the number of baths provided to residents in NURSING homes.

    “I regret that we make this kind of association, I think it is unfortunate that it has been done”, summed up Mr. Couillard during a press conference, Friday, Sept-Îles.

    “To say that by welcoming refugees, we will decrease the services in NURSING homes, it is cynical. We should not do this kind of reconciliation”, he also said.

    On Thursday, the leader of the Parti québécois had accused the government of not being able to guarantee two baths per week for residents of NURSING homes, while he was able to provide last resort assistance to asylum-seekers who flock to the canada-u.s. border.

    However, he did not mentioned that the government wanted to “reduce” services in the CHSLD, contrary to what was reported to the prime minister.

    “The government tells us that it is unable to give a second bath in the CHSLD and it, it cost $ 30 million. So, how much does it cost [thousands of] asylum seekers who remain in Quebec for three years? It is sure that it is more than 30 million”, said Mr. Lisée in point of press.

    “It is sure that this money [for asylum seekers], we take it elsewhere. Where? They don’t want to tell us,” he added.