At auction the unique Rolex watch can go under the hammer for $2.5 million : In the World : Vladim

News 17 March, 2018

As one of the most valuable lots in the auction by Bacs & Russo, which is carried out in Switzerland, will set Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, made in a single copy. Unique watches will cost a potential buyer in a $ 2.5 million, while their value may increase several times in the course of trading.


In accordance with the data obtained by edition of the Daily Express from one of the promotional homes, auction to be held on 12 may this year in Geneva.


This watch is made of white 18-carat gold, which was named The Unicorn, was made in 1970 at the request of the German seller for his VIP client, this precious timepiece was thought to be lost forever. But, luckily, managed to locate in private collection 8 years ago.

In turn, the money raised for the sale of a Rolex watch should serve as good targets, because they will be transferred to the Fund of Children Action organization that helps neglected children and their families.