Attract good luck using Windows

Techno 12 February, 2018

2018-02-12 09:47

Attract good luck using Windows
It is generally considered that Windows are the eyes to the outside world.

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How do we sometimes lack the simple human happiness! Someone manages to “rainy day” money set aside, and here and on the “light” is not enough, reports Rus.Media.

What should I do? At such moments gyrus frantically begin to move and pick up all sorts of ways to attract good luck in his apartment. Where else is there? Us in childhood were told that for happiness “far away” to go, or in your home to entice. I think that is why is accepted the door in red paint or a horseshoe to hang over them? To attract good luck! If you think logically, it turns out that she’s otherwise your home will not notice and pass by… Ugly somehow.

And if you really think… the house is all clear, and as to the apartment to attract good luck? Suddenly it to the staircase through time comes?

Don’t worry, the decision is found!

If you live in an apartment, attract good fortune… through the window! What do you think?! It is generally considered that Windows are the eyes to the outside world. And this world-Universe, you just have to negotiate with the sunlight in our house penetrated the air stream of happiness.

So, you need the Sunny side of the apartment or the window through which the sun more and longer just looks in your home. To start, thoroughly wash it, saying: “My window you’re the guide, good luck in the house will attract at the moment!»

That’s the whole procedure. Now every time you open the window to ventilate the room, saying, “good Luck! Fly!»

After such simple words, and true life is getting better. The mood all your family members much better, and all former quarrels and misunderstandings will disappear by themselves.

What to do with princes and the absence of such relatives and the indispensable currency?

The fact that three days later that your window is not just glass in a frame, and will become a door of the Celestial Office of the Universe. Through these doors you need to pass the cherished message. No, the window we’re not going to throw anything out, much easier.

If you want to attract luck in love, should be cut the most (!!!) heart of red paper and write on it a few words about his desire. The exclamation point in brackets mean that they are ready glossy heart ineffective. And what is done with your hands, soaks up your energy like a sponge, and faster “comes” to the destination.

Now, this is the heart of the glass. Where and how is irrelevant. Importantly, it was not on the windowsill, and looked out of the window.

With money also coming in. Take the green paper, cut out a rectangle the size of the bill and write on it how much money you need. Start with small amounts and write based on what you spend.

In addition, you can write your requests-orders. Can take, for example, a sheet of yellow paper and wish to solve one of my long-time problem. For the benefit of themselves and others, of course. Incredible, but way out there in a couple of days! And it is not as you thought earlier. The universe really knows how it is better to realize our dreams.

How long to keep a piece of paper on the window? Exactly what you will come up with: a day, two, week, month. The only thing he should be sure to get to sunshine. After you pick up your sheet with Windows, burn it.

Attract luck and replenish sun joy of life! You can now easily manage their daily reality, diluting it with bright colors cute “accidents”.