[AUDIO] young people have no priority, found the aspiring candidate of the PQ, Marc Maltais

News 5 February, 2018
    Marc Maltais briguera the inauguration of the Parti québécois in the county of Lac-Saint-Jean, in the hope of succeeding Alexandre Cloutier.

    Marie-Renée Grondin

    Monday, 5 February 2018 14:18

    Monday, 5 February 2018 14:18

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    The trade unionist Marc Maltais, who briguera the inauguration of the Parti québécois (PQ) in the riding of Lac-Saint-Jean, said to have been surprised that the young people do not have priorities.

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    This is what he said in an interview on KYK Radio X last Friday, while he was saying that he spent several hours in cegeps over the course of the election campaign, partial as it was conducted last October.

    “You know, I’ve spent over 10 hours in the cegep in Saint-Félicien and Alma, asking the young people what is your priorities? I have not had anyone who was able to identify me priorities”, he lamented.

    Mr. Maltese, however, ravisé in explaining how he received only one response which, according to him, “did state of a great lack.”

    “In fact, a student told me brought two [priorities]. I would say… good, this was perhaps not what I would have liked to hear,” he said.

    “It was what?” he asked the facilitator.

    “In fact, the first priority for him, it was the abolition of the CRTC because he is a fan of japanese manga, therefore, to the question “If it is banned, it is probably because there is a small 12 year old girl who has a sexual relationship with a creature sprawling?” He answers me yes. My second priority, therefore, in assuming that the first it was, and he replied that his second priority is that we should accept all of the parts modified car, even if it does not meet the safety standards of the Canada, we should abolish that too, so allow for,” reported the nomination pq confident to have distributed the 4300 business cards during his electoral campaign, without getting a single return.

    Marc Maltais also laments that there is no “political education” in the schools and that consequently, “a large stratum of society” is not able to talk about politics”, which affects the rate of participation in the elections.