Australia has allowed gay marriage in the country

News 7 December, 2017

Australian authorities have allowed same-sex marriage. Reported by the Associated Press.


The Australian Parliament passed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in the country such a marriage will now be considered a “Union of two persons”, without specifying the gender. This document was approved by the local senators 43 votes to 12.

The law may come into force early next year, and same-sex marriage can be concluded at the end of winter. Earlier most of the population of Australia expressed its support for the legalization of such unions in the country. The voting process lasted for two months, all the time, it was attended by 12.7 million people.

Two days ago, the Austrian constitutional court cancelled the decree prohibiting same-sex marriage. To apply for the registration of such marriage be the end of next year. Same-sex marriages are allowed in South Africa, Uruguay, New Zealand, Taiwan, Malta, Colombia, USA and other countries.