Award candy after defrauding nearly$100 Million

News 27 January, 2018
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    In 2012, police had dismantled a vast network of fraudsters by bank cards at the international level, including the
    amount of the fraud was valued at close to $ 100 million. In total, 61 warrants of arrest had been launched.

    Michael Nguyen

    Saturday, 27-jan-2018 01:00

    Saturday, 27-jan-2018 01:00

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    Two members of a vast network of fraudsters by credit card which would have pocketed close to $ 100 million have pleaded guilty, but they will avoid the prison, one of them getting the same absolution.

    “Despite the guilty plea, this is an honest man,” assured the lawyer Richard Brouillard, speaking of his client, Ibrahim Abdullah Ibrahim.

    The other accused in this case, Pierre-Andre Casseus, would be rehabilitated, to the point that the Crown has accepted that it could go on a vacation out of the country before receiving his sentence in march.

    Ibrahim and Casseus, aged respectively 67 and 36 years old, have confessed to having been part of a sophisticated network that operated internationally. According to what the authorities had said at the time of the arrests in 2012, the group specialized in cloned credit cards.

    Fraudsters subtilisaient the point of sale terminals to be replaced by false. They would have then installed the devices of cloning to reinstall the terminal the next day, which allowed them to download data from bank cards of the customers of the shops.

    The police had issued warrants for the arrest of 61 people.

    Father ” conciliatory “

    Ibrahim, who is the father of the leader alleged, pleaded guilty to being in possession of instruments for manufacture cloned credit cards. According to Vicky Driver-Henry, of the Crown, it served as taxi driver to various members of the organization.

    “He was going to seek credit cards to make service to his son “, she explained to the court.

    The defense attorney recalled that Ibrahim has since lost his job as a taxi driver, and he acknowledged having been “too accommodating” with his son, who is still wanted by the authorities.

    Casseus, for her part, was a supplier of false identities, which allowed the other members of the group pursue their gigantic fraud.


    He pleaded guilty to five charges, including the use of false credit cards and have information knowing they would be used to commit a criminal act.

    His lawyer, Roucha Oshriyeh, has announced an agreement to be sentenced to a suspended sentence of nine months with a curfew. But the sentence will be pronounced after his vacation.

    Thus, the court agreed to lift the condition of Casseus preventing him from having a passport and leave Canada.

    At the end of the hearing, the Crown explained that the delays in this folder, that date of 2012, had played a role in the agreement with the defence.