Bad weather hurts the marinas

News 18 July, 2017
  • Photo Francis Halin
    Sylvain Archambault, owner of a marina in Beloeil, has had enough of the bad weather.

    Francis Halin

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 06:30

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 06:30

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    Everything turns desperately to slow back down to the Marina to the Lighthouse Beloeil where the clients are more and more rare, is concerned the owner of the establishment to a hundred boats in the Vieux-Beloeil, Montérégie.

    “I sell two times less fuel than last year at this date… “, says Sylvain Archambault, owner of a marina for the past nine years. In addition to reductions records of gasoline sales, less customers will want to rent a pontoon.

    They are also much less numerous, in bad weather, to come for a drink at its terrace floating nestled on the water with a view of mont Saint-Hilaire.

    Not hot, not beautiful

    “Think about it ! I don’t know if there has been this year, 10 days of good weather to make the boat. I do not exaggerate even not “, lance-t-il, noting each day a reduction of goodwill.

    To Mr. Archambault, bad weather does not mean rain and gray weather.

    “It takes much more that 20 or 22 degrees to go for a walk on the water. It takes a good 25 or 26 degrees to be comfortable “, he complained bitterly.

    He recalled that several marinas have had troubles to install their docks this year because of the level of water very high caused by the floods

    Calm after the storm

    This is the case of the citizens of Oka, who see with relief the tourists return to their village with the nice weather.

    “After the floods, it was necessary to pick everything up. The function of the ferry, the opening of the Oka park, and the marina, it took a month before everything returns to normal and is ready to welcome tourists. Since about three weeks, everything was ready, but the goodwill that it is usually at this time of the year was not there, ” observed, for its part, the mayor of Oka, Pascal Quevillon, noting that the population had regained confidence since Sunday.

    Even if the water level of the lake of Two Mountains is slow to fall and that the beach is a little less wide than usual, everything is back to normal at Oka, he concluded.

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