“Banana republic”

News 14 February, 2018
  • Michel Hébert

    Wednesday, 14 February 2018 15:59

    Wednesday, 14 February 2018 15:59

    Look at this article

    It’s like a Porsche Cayenne Turbo yellow canary in the parking lot of the medical clinic : even the naive will notice it.

    And the same naive will not fail to see an abuse of power in the last envelope given to doctors, added to others over the past few years, budget cuts or not.

    Even the most submissive, the most docile, more compliant patients, the more softened to the average barely restraining his anger. They were dubious, the idiots, they are now criss…

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    The prime minister Couillard argues that it has no choice but to pay. This would be worthy of a “banana republic” that does not pay the amount due, granted at a time when the canadian doctors earned more.

    This is not because the situation is now reversed, that it would be necessary to renegotiate all of that, that it should not extend to the billions! This is not because the province is poor gives more than the rich that it is necessary to slow down the pace and value of the cheques!

    Name of God!” what would it look like? A band of rednecks! Of wins-small! A half-civilized!

    So let’s get to the height of what we are! And we’ll make another genuflection, isn’t it always our reflex first?

    Are we not today in the hospital as we were yesterday in the confessional? Little people close close to the cassock… Contrite in front of the coats, hoping for a bed or a colonoscopy in making the sign of the cross…

    Several are convinced that we are already, and for years, in a banana republic.

    To the highest offices filled with doctors. The summit of the State, they reign, rule, and now that the soup is hot, begin to smile, to show some humanity…

    But it is too late. The gallows is ready, the door of judgment people will open on October 1st… Goodbye Dr. Couillard. Farewell Doctor Bar. Farewell Dr. Iglesias.

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    And it’s a pity that we can’t say good-bye to the tardigrades of the department, RAMQ, CIUSSS, shelters upholstery of a system of Russian dolls, incurably plagued by bureaucracy.

    There is that of the State, a ship steered like a nut shell, for not cracking down on the incest systemic…

    So don’t worry, the soap opera of health is not ready to finish. This should make the small happiness of the dispatchers of the tv and repetitive. They will have them for hours and hours, days, weeks, occupied for months, years and until the next century.

    They will be able to stir up the people, fool or flu, identified up to the chin, inform as well as it should to blow topos on emergencies, NURSING homes, toxicos, the post-mentally ill, the cancer, the evil amanchés of the colon, the patented prostate, repaired the sphincter, or of the brain, one-eyed and the blind, the impoverished, large, large, paraplegics and the other there who has not yet said what is wrong…

    It will make us forget the referendum, the lost country, the debt that pétera the fret and the last loser of The Voice. And the clinical death of the Montréal canadiens…

    All the evil hospital will have been paid at a high price, from one year to the other, under the watchful eye of clairvoyants of the RAMQ, the Bureau of wholesale fee, balance every day.

    Ah, the beautiful soue pigs!

    And it doesn’t seem to want to stop anytime soon. Once Strip party, this is another doctor who will take over. Because the CAQ has found its Carmant, a neuro too, which will propose its vision of the things. Its quiet revolution.

    A neuro in a game of bowling. A neuro who will lace up the dress of the hero on the swearing in of the Lieutenant-Governor of the Queen Elizabeth II…

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    A neuro who will be exhilarating bureaucracy, which covers the quebec network of healthy gelatin. Health, this is no longer a department, it is an aspic! A jelly under the control of the quality. A marmalade papiocrate. A confit of zombies with a magnetic card and spending account. Health, in Quebec, it is Dante in the ambulance. The flea market skills cumulonimbusiennes.

    Then, to continue in the same déveine, we will try Carmant. Rather Carmant will… with the same déveine.

    And it will be gone again for a new round of aesthetic treatments and recasting of the business card.

    What strange talent do we have for the same mistakes… Then it would first have to permanently sever this link stale between the political power and the medical. Return to the subordination, to a healthy prioritization of each other.

    The submission of the RAMQ, old clunkers of the quiet Revolution, deserves a thorough review. As for the construction industry. Why not a commission of inquiry on health?

    A doctor pq is the successor to a liberal doctor who succeeds to a liberal doctor, who succeeded also to a liberal doctor waiting for a doctor caquiste.

    Notice that the incestuous relations of this kind are legion, especially in a culture where the agents of artists sit on the steering committees of share grants. Stars millionaires do their butter, their cream and their latte.

    Quebec has not always been so small. He has become… And will be even more… He is paralyzed, it does not move, it is sick, overall…