Bandai Namco will open its first arcade dedicated to the RV!

Techno 20 June, 2017

The Japanese video game publisher officially announces the opening of its VR arcade on July 14: VR Zone, in Tokyo.
Bandai Namco is preparing to open Shinjuku, a popular district of the Tokyoites, an arcade dedicated to the RV! On two floors, this room of nearly 560 m2 will host more than 15 experiments in RV. Experiences from popular video games such as the cult Mario Kart, which will allow you to send shells and banana skins in one hand and guide your car on the other, but also drawn from Japanese animated, Such as DBZ, Ghost in the Shell or Evangelion. Who knows, we may even see this famous Breaking Bad VR experience ? After Tokyo, space could even see the light of day in London.
It seems that virtual reality is beginning to be democratized. It had already been seen with the Social VR, an experience of RV on a circuit of F1 signed Renault Sport x We Are Social . A trend that will continue with this new arcade room, which already promises to be a big success. The RV Shinjuku Zone will be open until 2019 and Bandai Namco hopes to attract at least a good one million visitors. For 6 euros, the visitor will have access to the park, but he will have to pay about 10 euros extra for each attraction. In France, an area dedicated to the RV has already opened: MindOut . But the arcade arcade of Namco is more ambitious, more public and very pop culture oriented. Tempted by this arcade?