Bankruptcy of the Auberge Prema Shanti: the marriage of a couple was saved thanks to a good Samaritan

News 15 July, 2017

    QMI agency

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 14:28

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 14:29

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    A couple who would get married this Saturday at the Auberge Prema Shanti in Val-David, which suddenly closed its doors this week after filing for bankruptcy, will finally make it on Sunday, thanks to a good Samaritan.

    Intrigued by their story, the owner of the Vineyard from Chelsea, in Outaouais, decided to offer them free of charge, a reception room. In addition to having organized their wedding in two hours, she found a florist and an animation company which offers their services without asking anything in return.

    “I left the room without no fee, explained Nathalie Martin, owner of the Vineyard Chelsea. Usually, it is 3000 $ for a wedding which includes the ceremony, the wedding, the service, the access to the room, etc”

    The bride and the groom only have to pay for the meal and the alcohol.

    “It was still several phones, added Ms. Martin. We really tried to accommodate the most that one could. For me, this is quite normal because it is so shocking what has happened.”

    Packages still on sale Friday

    Moreover, even if the bankruptcy of the Auberge Prema Shanti was announced earlier this week, other people may have been able to be flouées since packages have been available for sale until Friday.

    On the website Groupon, packages of one or two nights were available at 50 % off until evening.

    VAT News revealed Thursday that several couples had learned at the last minute, the day before, that their wedding reception was cancelled due to the closure of this facility in the Laurentians.

    In addition to having to quickly find a plan B, they did not know whether they were going to be able to recover their deposit, which had already been received by the trade.

    Many internet users had communicated with to notify us of this situation.