Barbie and Ken showed the best sex positions for conception : the World : Vladim

News 18 January, 2018

Representatives of the British newspaper the Mirror presented a unique top that for example a Barbie doll and a black Ken are ten of the best positions in sex for conception. For this reason there are lots of common myths, but some of the poses are clearly in the lead in the standings.


The journalists of the Mirror was based solely on widely known and available scientific truths. The most effective, according to scientists, are missionary and doggie position.
In the data set of sexual positions is quite simple logic. With their help, you can achieve the deepest penetration. Interestingly, for successful conception, despite the common myth, women don’t have to have an orgasm.


In addition, there is absolutely no scientific or even statistical evidence of the fact that after sex the woman should not be some time to get out of bed.
In addition to these missionary and poses of dogs, also includes the pose of the eagle, rider, frogs and sleeping angel. Scientists, however, noted that couples who have sex specifically for procreation is better for such experiments not to go.