Battlefield 1: The huge extended last autumn Day!

Techno 17 November, 2016

battlefield-1-dice-electronic-arts-premiereEA and DICE have announced that Battlefield 1 would be spoiled during the month of November. They prove today by deploying a huge update.

For over three weeks now, all fans of the Great War on the evolving single player Battlefield 1 recounted how war stories or being amazed the face in multiplayer. And in light of recent feedback, players seem kiffer! Perfectly understandable both teams EA and DICE have laid a work approaching closer to the atmosphere as it was the time of the First World War. Without also forgetting the graphics that clearly put in full view and all schedules components … All that to say that the FPS a huge success and that the two companies have to take good care of their baby through updates regular .

In this regard, EA and DICE have just held speech following the recent announcement stating that Battlefield 1 will be loaded news throughout the month of November . These are indeed deployed on PS4, Xbox One and PC the long-awaited last day of autumn . A huge patch full of patches and various adjustments, which marks another between the arrival of Hardcore servers . Add to that a rain of other elements as a balancing performed at the operations manual (increasing the number of tickets for the attackers …), the edits made to the map in Conquest Suez (adding flags and a car reinforced), the ability to customize their soldier from the main menu, etc … clearly, a huge list of changes, to find via this PDF file in French and demonstrates brilliantly that EA and DICE take account of feedback from the community. So that’s positive for the future of the game, no doubt! What do you think of Battlefield 1?