Beats by Dre: We just received the Pill + speaker, and the pill goes well!

Techno 13 June, 2017

The Pill + speaker, the first product of Beats By Dre since its passage under the bosom of Apple, finally arrived at the editorial office. We tried it and here are our first impressions.
Beats launched last year’s Pill +. This is the first nomadic enclosure launched by the former brand of Dr Dre since its acquisition by Apple pregnant nomad. And the least I can say is that it bears the imprint of the Apple, but I will come back to it later. Just the packaging of this Bluetooth speaker can give you as much chills as a new clip from your favorite artist. As usual with Beats, packaging sends a dream. Well packed , the packaging hides a portable speaker that is almost half the size of the competitors UE Boom and Jabra Solemate.
Thanks to its cylindrical pill-shaped design, the Beats loudspeaker offers a nice grip. And sign of the redemption of the mark by American giant, one finds a Lightning port to reload the enclosure Pill +. But what I really kiffé in my first steps with this product is its pairing and its ease of use. To pair your smartphone / tablet with the speaker, just press a few seconds on the famous ” b ” button . Once it flashes, it’s good: you can select the speaker in the Bluetooth menu of your mobile, and the trick is played .
On the sound side, the Beats enclosure sends heavy, highlighting mediums and voices . And as always with Beats whose PowerBeats3 Wireless have been validated by footballer Marco Verratti, the low frequencies are well present. But here, this rendering has changed according to the placement of the enclosure. Since this one is equipped with speakers on the front, you really have to be careful to place the Pill + in front of you if you want to splurge to the max, even if the enclosure can fuck the mess in a whole apartment ‘ . Well, I’m not going to make it difficult. I will listen now to Damso thoroughly to test this nomad enclosure then, wait and see ..