BeatsX: The cheapest headphones from the W1 family are on sale!

Techno 25 April, 2017

This is the right plan of the day. The BeatsX Wireless Headphones are the cheapest in the range and are on sale. The latest Beats by Dre headphones will go from 149.95 euros to 119.99 euros.
If you want to shopper good quality wireless headphones without slamming all your savings, the BeatsX are, without a doubt, made for you. The latest Beats by Dre headphones are equipped with the famous Bluetooth W1 chip from Apple. The latter offers faster pairing than the music with the different headphones. (Read our BeatsX test to learn more) . Officially marketed at 149.95 euros, these in-ear lovers who magnetize with each other when they are released from ears are available at 120 euros on an e-commerce site . And meltyStyle tells you more about this nice promotion.
Amazon is the source of this enticing offer. The e-commerce site offers the BeatsX for 119.95 euros . But beware, only the white color benefits from this promotion. The black and blue versions are, unfortunately, always at the usual price. Validated by DJ Khaled or Travis Scott , these in-ear headphones from Apple’s subsidiary have something to delight your ears . So, what are you waiting for to please you?