Became known, the methods of surveillance the FBI is Peter Levashov : In the World : Vladim

News 7 February, 2018

Representatives of U.S. law enforcement, as it turned out, for a long time followed by a Russian programmer Peter Levashov, who was accused of cybercrime. The surveillance was carried out from may 2016, as reported by the representatives of the Verge, citing court documents.


According to the publication, the investigative authorities were able to detect his account in the vastness of iCloud. Check it was made from an IP address, which is often connected to the server in Luxembourg. Investigators have appealed to Apple for help in providing the necessary data on the account, including the results of the IP address associated with the time and dates of sessions. The Corporation complied with this request.
The information obtained from the copertina, likely, and gave the opportunity to detain the programmer.

He was arrested in April in Barcelona, where he was vacationing with his family. The third of October, the national court agreed to the extradition of a programmer, where he was accused of computer fraud, and causing significant damage and identity theft. The defense appealed against the extradition, but the court confirmed the previous decision.

In the United States believe that he created something like a botnet called Kelihos, through which “had control of hundreds of thousands of computers” spread the virus, and also engaged in cyber-extortion.