Because of the debt of 62$ in Armenia, the hostages took a ten-year girl : Crime news : Vladim

News 3 February, 2018

In Armenia there was an emergency case in which the hostages were a 10 years old girl. Hostage the child took the woman, requiring her to return the debt in the amount of 62 dollars.


On the official website of the Investigative Committee were made public the information that the woman living in the Armenian Yeghvard, not far from Yerevan, under false pretenses brought to his dwelling ten-year girl. Saying the child’s mother, she goes to the shop, and the girl would only keep her company, she took her hostage, holding at home. Notifying the child’s mother, whether she demanded return of 30 thousand drams (about $ 62), which she once borrowed.

The mother seized the child immediately reported the incident to the police and on the same day, representatives of law enforcement agencies organized an operation to arrest women failing to release the child. In fact this crime was a criminal case concerning deduction of a person as a hostage, under age.