Because of the fire in the hotel of Prague, two people were killed and 40 wounded : In the World : Vladim

News 20 January, 2018

In the fire at the hotel Prague, two people were killed and another 40 injured. The stream from the event is the local reporter.


Today in the Central part of the Czech capital there was a fire in a four star hotel. Fire awarded the third category, the fourth disclosed only during an emergency. On a place of incident employees of local fire agencies, as well as volunteers. The process of evacuation of visitors of the hotel. Reports on the two victims in the result of fire and some 40 wounded people, including two rescuers. The hotel itself is located near Masaryk square in the centre of Prague.

In the Internet appeared the frames of what is happening. They are seen in the hotel drive up the fire, feeding fire to the body of the stairs, also there are doctors and law enforcement officers. The hotel grounds are cordoned off.