Because of the grey skies and chilly time: the Quebec population wears their suitcases in large numbers and fly to sun destinations

News 13 July, 2017
  • QMI agency

    Thursday, 13 July, 2017 22:23

    Thursday, 13 July, 2017 22:23

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    The travel sales in the south are experiencing a boom in summer is unmatched due to the wet weather and, let’s say, rather chilly that is rampant in Quebec this year.

    According to CAA-Quebec, certain of the 14 centres Travel to his organization’s record of increases in sales of travel towards the south that can reach nearly 50 %. In Lévis, the increase amounted to 48 %, in front of Three Rivers (34 %), Montréal–Saint-Léonard (28 %) and Sherbrooke (22 %).

    “Yes, there is an increase in sales for travel in the South, and this, throughout our network of centres CAA-Quebec Travel. And our advisors will tell you, the time ugly has a lot to do”, said by press release, on Thursday, Philippe Blain, vice-president of travel services for CAA-Quebec.

    On a whim

    And unlike trips in the winter that are carefully planned by a good number of travelers looking for a break from the snow and cold, this summer the tourists quebec buy their tickets and passes so impulsive, not to say on a whim.

    The survey Intentions for holiday 2017, unveiled in June by CAA-Quebec had already revealed that Quebecers, always fond of the sun destinations in winter, may fly in large numbers to the beaches of Mexico, Cuba and the dominican Republic – the three most popular destinations – this summer in order to escape the grayness that never ends.

    According to figures from CAA-Québec, it has rained about two days out of three in Montreal and Quebec city since the beginning of June, which is surely not foreign to the increase of 9 % of sales packages south of the organization in June and July, and of 5 % since the beginning of 2017.