Because of the yogurt girl-bodybuilder began to resemble pregnant

News 16 December, 2017

Michelle Middleton from USA, professionally engaged in bodybuilding, was impressed by their fans who were convinced she was pregnant. American uploaded pictures, which demonstrated the bloating that made her look like the mother.


The female bodybuilder from the United States of America very surprised his fans by uploading pictures to Instagram, as her belly grew to an extraordinary size in just a few minutes. Fans of Michelle were quick to congratulate the girl with the imminent addition to the family, but was surprised when she said that the images show not her pregnancy, but only bloating resulting from eating pears, broccoli, watermelon, cauliflower and yogurt.


Michelle Middleton, living in the U.S. state of Oregon, two years ago, wore clothes of seven larger than its current size. Thanks to the hard exercise bodybuilding Michelle had Managed to keep the weight as in 2015 where is only 63 kilograms, while getting rid of a significant amount of body fat. Due to the fact that the girl had downloaded the images of the slimming process in the Network, she has accumulated a considerable fan base in the network Instagram, where her account signed more than 100 thousand people.