Before falling into the coma, Ludovic Chancel has learned that he was going to get kicked out of her home – Gala

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Ludovic Chancel received a letter just before his death. In the missive, his owner warned of its intention to terminate the contract of rental between the two men. A difficult situation for the son of Sheila, who was without employment, such as the tells Paris Match.

Ludovic Chancel would have soon been out on the street. This is what tells the magazine Paris Match in its pages the number of 13 July. At the age of 42, the son of Sheila has received, some time before his death, a letter from the owner of the dwelling. In the letter, the man told him that he had not rent him the apartment in which Ludovic Chancel was.

According to Paris Match again, this post had become a real obsession because the forty-something woman had no job and didn’t have a lot of resources to find another residence. “He lived mainly of social assistance and of what brought him his few appearances in the fashionable parties. This story of the roof of the haunted ” can you read.

The man had always been a fragile person, and complex. On bad terms with his mother and never having had news of his father, Ludovic Chancel could not rely on his family Sylvie Ortega Munos, his campaign, and Lucien, his friend and lover for the past 20 years.

Is it because he was going to expel him, that Ludovic Chancel, has hand accident, took an overdose of drugs ? Nothing is safe except for the grief that this death was imposed on his family and his loved ones.

Ludovic Chancel

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