Bell would continue to impose a fee to unlock

News 16 December, 2017
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    Saturday, 16 December 2017 11:48

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    Since the 1st of December, the cellular service providers canadians can no longer charge fees to release, but customers who have a cell phone locked on the Bell network say they have had to fight to avoid having to mop up such a bill.

    According to the CBC, Bell is not going to unlock it without charge as the cell current customers, or past, its policy of excluding the consumers who were never part of its users, but have bought a phone used locked to its network.

    According to the testimony of Laura Train-Fraser, Bell refused to unlock her phone because she could not confirm that the woman had already been one of its clients. “This is ridiculous. I just think they are all possible loopholes to work around it,” said this mother of ontario.

    Eventually, she avoided charges after the CBC had asked Bell about his record.

    The costs were generally around $ 50 to unlock a phone second hand from a network competitor. The Council of radio-television and telecommunications commission (CRTC) announced last June that the cost of unlocking would end on the 1st of December under a Code update on wireless service, a binding code of conduct created in 2013 for telephone service providers, wireless data and mobile retail.

    Only in 2016, the canadian consumers have paid nearly $ 37 million to unlock devices.