Benzema, Aurier, Hernandez … These players passed behind the bars

Sport 6 February, 2017

Lucas Hernandez, who has just been indicted, is not the only team to deal with the courts.
This Friday, February 3, Lucas Hernandez was placed in custody following suspicions of domestic violence. 20 years old, the player of the Atéltico Madrid was released under judicial supervision. The Frenchman is not the first player of football to make a turn by the custody box. Other soccer players, for different offenses, have also hit the headlines . Enforcement Review. Read also: 10 memorable punchlines Cristiano Ronaldo for his birthday .
Antoine Conte
Antoine Conte was indicted last December for beating a young man who had tried to separate the player and his girlfriend in a violent domestic dispute.
Souleymane Diawara
Victim of a scam, Diawara sought revenge. As a result, he spent several weeks in prison after being convicted of “extortion”.
Mbaye Niang
In 2014, he was sentenced to 18 months in jail after a road accident while driving without a license.
Serge Aurier
Last May, the Parisian was arrested at the exit of a nightclub of the capital and placed in custody after an altercation with the police.
Karim Benzema
The French international was held in custody in the case of blackmail to the sextape. An event that will have cost him his place among the Blues. Before that, he was also worried in the Zahia case.
Franck Ribery
Like Benzema, Ribery spent several hours in custody during the investigation of the Zahia case. The two men were released in 2014.
Joey Barton
The former Marseillais spent more than two months in prison after having taken, in 2007, to passers-by in the streets of Liverpool. He would have broken the teeth of a teenager …