Bermuda is the world’s first rescinded the approval for gay marriage : In the World : Vladim

News 9 February, 2018

This decision seriously upset the British government, which was forced to sign all necessary documents. The government of Bermuda made up the bill in December last year, but he has gained legal force yesterday, February 8.


The law entered into force after its signing by the protege of the Governor of Britain by John Rankinen, while the authorities did not share the opinion of representatives of the Parliament of the island nation.

In turn, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa may has expressed in his speech for understanding the frustration arising after the ban on the conclusion of gay marriage on the Islands. But the head of government stressed that their relationship with Bermuda is based primarily on mutual respect for the right of the country to democratic self-government, so they did not challenge the new decision, which to them seems short-sighted.