Bermuda UFOs stole the rum In the World : Vladim

News 5 February, 2018

The aliens suffer from alcoholism and stealing from the Bermuda rum. So according to British ufologists.


The experts were able to uncover the secret of an extraterrestrial civilization, arriving on Earth. Ufologists think that those are fans to consume alcohol, a typical human habits, too alien. This is evidenced by the incidents that repeatedly occurred in Bermuda, where it is often lost rum. Ufologists believe the aliens are stealing it.

According to the security guard of the warehouse, he personally saw how the aliens fly at a “plate” to the base, and then poured into the space ship alcohol shaky hangover hands. According to the guard, the aliens are big fans of Roma, and not worse people.

Ufologists tend to associate a kidnapping and a love of alcohol. So, he’s taking the people on the ships where torture them, claiming to give important data about the location of the shops and warehouses of alcohol. By the way, a resident of Bermuda aliens stole the moonshine and sugar.