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Wednesday, during the national tribute made to the ex-minister of social affairs, Simone Veil, to the Disabled, we found the former first lady Bernadette Chirac, who seemed very weak. And against all odds, it was not accompanied by her husband, Jacques Chirac, his health not allowing him to get out. Their family cares about them.

Bernadette is the fixed point of James. It may annoy the Turtle, the irritation, the anger, but without it, it is rickety, not finished. A three-legged table , “says Anh-Dao Traxel, the daughter of the heart of Jacques Chirac, in his book, Chirac, a family not ordinary. Bernadette Chirac takes care of her husband, since her hospitalization last winter. But the former first lady also has need of the support of loved ones. If it was present, although a little weak on his chair in the courtyard of the Invalides to pay tribute to Simone Veil, she has been discreet lately in Paris.

Surely but discreetly, the couple’s daughter, Claude, and the grandson of the duo presidential, Martin Rey-Chirac, watching over them. This is without forgetting the importance of their long-time friends, such as François Pinault, who had lent them an apartment so they can recharge there. And the husband of Claude, the senior official Frédéric Salat-Baroux, unofficial spokesman of the family, which carries declarations about their state of health in the press, especially since the head of the government has suffered a stroke in 2005 and several hospitalizations.

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