Bernard Landry supports Maxime Laporte in Pointe-aux-Trembles

News 26 January, 2018
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    Friday, 26 January, 2018 07:21

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 07:21

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    The former prime minister of Quebec and leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ), Bernard Landry announced on Friday that he supported Maxime Laporte in his campaign for the nomination pq in the riding of Pointe-aux-Trembles, Montreal.

    “It is with great pleasure and emotion that I support the nomination of Maxime Laporte the swearing-pq Pointe-aux-Trembles. Mr. Laporte is a man I respect, a great lawyer, a great communicator, a great defender of the French language, and I have no doubt that it is, for Pointe-aux-Trembles, to the best of members,” said Bernard Landry, in a news release.

    In the wake of this statement, the federal mp for la Pointe-de-l’île, Mario Beaulieu, has also announced that it supported the candidature of the current president of the Société Saint-Jean Baptiste (SOCIETY): “Congratulations to Maxime Laporte, one of the activists for independence the most dedicated, articulated and effective that I was able to see it at work. […] Before the courts, he brought to the defence of the Law 99 on the self-determination of the people of quebec. Currently, he is pursuing the government Couillard to force it to put into effect an important provision of bill 101 that the communication of the government with corporations established in Quebec are only in French, as was Camille Laurin. Good luck Maxim! I press thee to 101%!”.

    The candidate, who was 30 years of age, wishes to propose during his campaign, a program aimed at “improving the quality of life for families, workers, young people and less young people, the advancement of social justice, measures for the environment and respect for diversity”.

    Activist and president of the SOCIETY since 2014, Maxime Laporte is also a lawyer.

    The current mp, pq, Pointe-aux-Trembles, Nicole Léger, announced last week that it would not be a candidate in the elections of 1 October.