Best dad sign

Techno 24 March, 2018

2018-03-24 17:23

Best dad sign
Find out what he will be a father.

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Cancer – caring father
Opens a rating of the best parents Cancer. For representatives of this sign family and children – the highest value. He performs the role of a caring head of the family. Father-Cancer knows how to skillfully change diapers, cook porridge, wash contaminated clothing. The kids get from dad-Cancer maximum tenderness, caring, sensitivity. It creates a strong emotional bond with children, which does not fade with the maturity of the child.

Cancer understands a child’s needs, carefully listening to the most fantastic dreams, not calling them stupid. Able to soothe a cranky child and comforting the afflicted. In a family with such a father the children feel secure, needed, loved.

The disadvantage of the father-Cancer can be considered a desire to consider the child with his sole property, a tendency to plan the future of the baby.

Virgo – pedantic father
Dad-Virgo to fatherhood very seriously. Especially to the financial security of the children that his descendants should be the best. To the child’s development fits thoroughly: even before the birth of a baby read the mountain of literature, will be a detailed plan of education, beginning with the first feeding until the end of University. Likes long sermons with quotations of famous people.

For the father-Virgo, the term “Hyper” is the normal state. He’s trying to standardize and to control, teaches children patience, discipline, and order. Encourages diligent study, intellectual pursuits: reading, playing chess. Pays attention to the physical development of the child.

Disadvantages: demands meticulous father-Virgo can sometimes seem excessive. He is afraid to spoil your baby and rarely show your love that is lost spiritual connection with the child. Little attention to creative interests.

Capricorn – peaceful father
Dad-Capricorn differs unwavering calm: it’s hard to ruffle the child’s cry at 3am, he’s gonna be great to calm verigogo baby. Male-female Capricorn characteristic reasonable and friendly communication with the children, he finds the perfect balance of rigor and understanding.

Children better to teach by example, explains everything patiently and clearly, without unnecessary pressure. Attentive to children’s issues, but without excessive care. Gives the child the opportunity to realize themselves, to achieve something, while still controlling the situation. Dad-Capricorn tries to prepare posterity for the challenges of adulthood, teaches patience and determination.

Capricorn can seem emotionally cold, strict and dry father. He rarely plays with children, not indulge them with grain, but in the future they will be a real support.

Taurus – practical dad
Practicality and frugality of Taurus is reflected in the upbringing of children. He’s worried that his children in no way had need of, trying to give them the best, but within reason, and without frills. Reliable as a rock, committed to protect the family, to care for.

Papa Taurus is kind, forgiving, gentle with his children. In education adheres to conservative methods, focusing on the traditions of their parents. But sometimes his attempts to look like an experienced teacher look ridiculous and awkward.

Taurus instills in the child respect for the work, teaches to rationally deal with money, to find solutions to financial problems. Encourages the game of “Monopoly”. Seldom indulges unexpected gifts and unexpected surprises.

The disadvantages of dad Taurus can be attributed to the excessive desire to be in control, to restrict the freedom of choice of the child, make decisions for him.

Aries – dad-maximalist
Aries or completely devotes herself to her children, or may even withdraw from participation in the educational process. He can prove himself to be a caring and loving father, and can be too demanding and overbearing.

If you are able to find the “Golden mean”, that tries in the relationship with the child to be strict, serious, even severe. And, if in relation to the son he succeeds, then the daughter will easily find his weaknesses and can exploit dad. With ostentatious strictness he can’t refuse little Princess.

Father-Aries teaches children to be independent, purposeful, independent. Enjoys spending free time with them, comes up with many interesting activities, actively involve in outdoor games.

To become a good teacher of the RAM hinders its own stubbornness, lack of restraint in the emotions, impulsive actions.
Leo – domineering father
A good family man who passionately loves and works with children, but demands from them respect and obedience. Likes to lead, conduct of life, to support. Often the child becomes the authority, the example to follow. Leo has a tendency to spoil kids.

Father Leo strives to instill in children good manners, give the best education. Inspires my understanding of life: ambitions – first of all, the world needs to bow at his feet. Immensely proud of the successes of descendants, does not regret them words of praise.

Pride prevents the lion to find compromises when conflicts with children. Failure of a child can so disappoint the father-Lion, that he would lose interest in the upbringing of the heir.