Between iPhone 7, Apple Watch and AirPods, the life of a high-tech journalist is not any rest!

Techno 28 December, 2016

Despite my Apple Watch Series 2 around the wrist, my iPhone 7 in the pocket and my MacBook Pro buried in a backpack, I could have drowned discreetly in the mass. But Apple’s AirPods have decided otherwise. Plunged into the daily life of a high-tech journalist!
The life of a high-tech journalist is not easy! Progress requires, the journalist is required to carry the products to be tested . And this often causes funny situations. Personally, I now usually jostle to find me a place in the last coffee fashionable and work with my MacBook Pro 2016, which was not recommended by a consumer association . But I’m still bothered by the questions on my Apple Watch Series 2. “Is it necessary? Can it replace the iPhone? Is it that you can listen to music on the watch?” And how do you talk on the phone with Apple Watch ” ? But it’s certainly nothing compared to people’s questions about the AirPods!
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IPhone 7 and AirPods, the couple that fly!

The Apple Watch does not leave anyone indifferent!

Small but well visible, the AirPods leave no one indifferent. These headphones I’ve tested with an iPhone 7 , feed the curiosity of my neighbors subway or my colleagues in the drafting. All eyes are on me, as soon as I begin to extract the AirPods from their case. But I confess I hardly conceal my laughter when some people compare to earrings . The “experts” of headed products, these people are shocked when I check my iPhone 7 with the index finger rather than the thumb, often tell me that it is simply wireless EarPods. But no … it’s much more than that! These small white earpieces are revolutionizing wireless listening and transforming the world view. Wait and see …