Beyoncé and Jay-Z: Their first daughter Blue, a “big sister” caring “and ” a little jealous” of the twin – Gala

Entertainment, Techno 10 July, 2017


Last June 12, Beyonce gave birth to the twins Rumi and Sir. Fans wondered since how Blue Ivy, the big sister, had welcomed the babies.

It was recently learned that the twins of the most powerful couple in music, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, called Rumi, and Sir. Since then, a question remained in abeyance among the fans : that in the opinion of the big sister of a 5-year-old, Blue Ivy, on the arrival of twins at home.

During pregnancy, Beyoncé before published a video on his account Instagram showing the little girl her to kiss the belly. A source close to the couple has told since the magazine Heat : ” She was very excited by the idea of babies before they arrive, but now that they are there, there is a little bit of jealousy. It has also been hard to have her mom in the hospital. Jay has been super with Blue, and the mother of Beyoncé was also there, to keep it. But it was still a bit hard for Blue to understand why his mom did not come home all night. Fortunately, Solange was there to help also. She has always been super with Blue. It has been a real rock during the entire pregnancy. Besides, she was in the room working with Bey, Jay and Tina “.

The little girl is so well surrounded and it is in a peaceful atmosphere that it will be able to get acquainted with these new members of the family at home after weeks of hospitalization after the birth.

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